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Prostate Support - 100 Capsules

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Does this sound familiar?

One, two, and maybe even three times a night, your sleep is disturbed by the dreaded bathroom breaks.

You often feel a compelling urge to “go” but when you do get down to it, you have to put in an agonizing effort to really let it out.

And that’s not all that can come with a prostate problem -  a wrecked sex life, bowel irritability, and chronic urinary infections are common issues that plague men, not unlike yourself.

These complications, or even just the possibility of them, are frustrating.  

You want a fix ...

In fact, you’ve tried everything under the sun - from pelvic floor muscle exercises to overhyped and underperforming prescription meds.

But you haven’t had a break …

Until now.

Our Prostate Support herb blend is designed to take care of your prostate naturally.

It encourages the overall healthy function of your prostate which translates to:

  • Fewer trips to the bathroom so you sleep easy at nights.
  • No more antagonizing pain when urinating
  • Complete relief from sharp pelvic pain  
  • Recharge your sexual health in days

Can a herbal remedy really do so much to support prostate health? Absolutely.

But, here’s a more insightful question:

Have you ever looked at the list of side effects on a prescription medication and think to yourself, “So, my prostate may or may not get fixed ... but my sex drive can decrease in the process?”

It’s an insane contradiction. And you don’t have to put up with it.

You no longer have to play Russian roulette with your health ...

Nature has proven time and time again to be the greatest healer.

Urbal Prostate Support is no exception.

Painstaking research and rigorous testing allowed us to harness the medicinal properties of herbs to formulate the best prostate support that you can get your hands on.

Click through to the ingredients to see exactly what in this blend makes an implicit difference.

Rhizoma Atractylodis: Helps regulate the functions of gastrointestinal, strengthen the body, boost immunity, protect the liver and gallbladder functions, regulate blood sugar, promote urination, anti-oxidization, anti-blood-clotting, anti-cancer, and release involuntary muscular spasm.

Rhizoma Dioscoreae: This herb is known to affect the sugar metabolism, regulate immune functions, anti-aging, and promote the digestive functions of stomach and intestines.

Radix Rehmanniae Preparata: The actions of rehmannia root include regulating blood sugar, blood pressure and immune functions. It can also affect the pituitary-adrenal and thyroid secretions, as well as anti-inflammation, cooling body, diuresis, anti-tumor, anti-aging, liver protection, promoting blood clotting, stimulating blood cells growth and gland secretions.

Poria: Poria helps in increasing urination and reduces the accumulation of fluid in the body. Therefore, it is a good treatment for urinary problems, and edema.

Semen Coicis: Research shows that coix seed can reduce inflammation, stop pain, lower fever, regulate blood sugar and pressure, relieve contacted muscle, enhance immunity, anti-cancer, regulate respiratory movement and induce ovulation.

Semen Persicae: Activate blood and resolve stasis, moisten intestine and relax bowel, stop cough and relieve dyspnea.

Emen Benincasae: Nourish lung and resolve phlegm, help with abscess and promote diuresis.

How large are the capsules?

The capsules are industry standard 00 sized 500ml capsules. Easy to swallow.

Does this have any soy or GMO?

No, there is no soy and all of our ingredients are Non-GMO

How long does it take before I start feeling the results?

It take about 5-10 days uninterrupted ingestion ramp up period before you start noticing the results. The ramp up period varies depending on there user.

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