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Dermaroot - Stops Eczema and Dermatitis, 60 Tablets

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Wonder why 99% of Eczema products out there simply don't work?

If you have eczema, then most likely you’ve been prescribed topical steroid creams and lotions.

Do they provide any relief? Some, temporarily. Others, not at all.

Not to mention the side effects of thinning skin and withdraw symptoms.

The secret to getting rid of your eczema for good is by treating it from the inside out, and that's what Dermaroot does.

It's designed to stimulates your body's own recovery response, immune system balance, and reduce inflammation.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Dermaroot is effective in treating eczema holistically and effectively. It is not a surface treatment for momentary relief - it is an impressive blend of medicinal herbs that have been proven to:

  • Balance and reset the white blood cells signals so that it doesn't over react (aka breakout) to whether change, stress, environmental or food triggers.
  • Reduce oxidative stress which causes inflammation and swelling
  • Prevent fungal and bacterial infections that may aggravate your skin
  • Purify the blood and detoxify the liver for an effective and long-lasting relief from eczema

Here are the results of the product’s user base:

  • 92.31% of users who properly used Dermaroot system gained control on their breakout after full treatment.
  • 94.7% of Dermaroot users start to feel the result in the first 2 weeks (the ones with more severe eczema took a bit longer).

    Peony Root (Without Bark): Medicinal herb that suppresses inflammation by producing oxidants like reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide. It reduces oxidative stress caused by inflammation. (Source)

    Phellodendron Stem: A medicinal herb native to Japan. It has been used to treat gastric ulcers, bacterial and fungal infections, inflammations, and high blood sugar. (Source)

    Bupleurum Root: A herb commonly utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the herb contains Saikosaponins, a compound that research has shown to alleviates your liver’s detoxification cells from oxidative and inflammatory stress. (Source)

    Schizonepeta:Proven Chinese medicinal herb that treats severe itching caused by allergies (eczema) & viruses (chicken pox, measles), stops bleeding, and regulates immune system. (Source)

    Platycodon Root ExtractPlatycodon Root prevents the production of your body’s allergic mediators IL-6, PGD2, LTC4, Hexosaminidase, and COX-2 protein, which causes breakouts. (Source)

    Rehmannia Root Tuber: Rehmania root inhibits skin allergic reaction activated by over reaction of anti-dinitrophenyl (DNP) anti bodies. (Source)

    Peony Root (Without Bark): Coptis (or Coptidis Rhizome) has heat clearance and detoxification properties, which is an important part of reducing autoimmune inflammations such as Eczema and Dermatitis. (Source)

    Licorice Root & Rhizome: Used to treat skin disease by relieving itching, swelling, and redness because of it’s anti- inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, antioxidative, anticancer properties. (Source)

    Is Dermaroot safe?

    Yes, unlike the alternative (steroid creams, scrubs, washes, etc.) Dermaroot is a non invasive, non toxic and 100% natural herbal supplement. Made from time tested medicinal herbs and blended in optimal ratio.

    How soon will I start seeing results?

    Majority of former eczema sufferers start to feel a difference after the first bottle (which is 2 weeks) of uninterrupted dosage. If you have more severe symptoms, it might take longer to begin seeing results.

    Does it treat acne, pimples, or cystic acne breakouts?

    No, Dermaroot is formulated to treat eczema, dermatitis, and heat rash.

    How many times a day do I need to take it? Can I take less than 4 capsules per setting?

    2 times daily with water after meals and 4 capsules each time. No, we recommend you take at least 4 capsules per serving.

    Can I mix the capsule with food or water?

    Yes, you can take the capsules apart and mix in with food or water. We recommend mixing the herbs with apple sauce to help with the ingestion, especially for kids who can't swallow pill form yet.

    Is the Dermaroot safe for children?

    Yes, Dermaroot is all natural and is safe for children to consume. Click on the "Usage" tab to for more information on children’s dosage.

    What steps have you taken to ensure that your herbs are top quality?

    All of our herbs are processed in modern, GMP-certified and FDA-compliant facilities in Southern California, USA and are rigorously tested.

    The herbal formulas I received have a distinctive odor and color. Is this normal?

    Yes, it’s normal. Herbs often have a distinctive natural odor, pleasant-smelling in most cases.

    How long does the bottle last?

    If you follow the recommended dosage, then each bottle will last two weeks.

    Are there any side-effects/symptoms I should be prepared for?

    No, there are no side-effects/symptoms if ingested following the recommended amount. Of course taking too many (which we do not recommend) at once can cause indigestion and stomach ache. We recommend you to consult your physician before taking Dermaroot.

    Is Dermaroot gluten free?

    Yes, Dermaroot is 100% natural and gluten free.

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